The Raphael Collection

The Raphael Collection is brought to you by one of Europe’s leading international jewellery design houses, established in London’s Hatton Garden, since 1967.

Their exceptionally skilled team of artisans use the latest state-of-the-art technology coupled with traditional handmade techniques to bring you one of the finest collections of diamond eternity, bridal and wedding jewellery available throughout the world today.

To experience the beauty and magnificent craftsmanship of the Raphael Collection follow the Raphael Collection drop down on our website.

The Raphael Collection features over 2000 stunning bridal and eternity diamond rings.  All designs are set using patented state-of[1]the-art laser guided arm precision setting technology, engineered in Germany.  This technology ensures a super smooth tactile finish that is simply unrivalled and breath taking.

The whole of Raphael Collection is manufactured using three different diamond qualities notably: D/E Vs, F/G Vs & G/H Si

Raphael Collection™ diamond rings have an inner court Profile ensuring ultimate comfort fit.

Diamonds are forever, but that doesn’t mean they’re for everyone. Many people are veering towards unusual engagement rings, opting for creative styles that reflect their personality. Coloured gemstones are the perfect choice for bold engagement rings that make a statement and are a great way to express individual style, whilst maintaining the beauty and elegance of the engagement ring concept.