Five Reasons why you should choose Cole the Jeweller for all your jewellery insurance needs?

1. Accuracy: IRVs are conducted by independent and certified professionals who specialize in appraising jewellery. Their expertise ensures a thorough and accurate valuation of your pieces based on current market conditions and the specific characteristics of your jewellery.


2. Objectivity: Independent appraisers do not have a vested interest in the value of your jewellery beyond providing an accurate assessment. This ensures that the valuation is unbiased and reflects the true worth of your items.


3. Comprehensive Assessment: IRVs typically involve a detailed examination of each piece of jewellery, including its quality, craftsmanship, materials, and any gemstones. This comprehensive evaluation results in a thorough valuation that takes into account all relevant factors.


4. Insurance Compliance: Many insurance companies require an IRV for high-value jewellery items to ensure proper coverage. Having an independent appraisal conducted by a certified appraiser can help you meet these requirements and ensure that your jewellery is adequately insured.


5. Peace of Mind: Knowing that your jewellery has been accurately appraised by a professional can provide peace of mind in the event of loss, damage, or theft. You can rest assured that you have reliable documentation to support your insurance claim and receive appropriate compensation.

Overall, choosing Cole for your jewellery insurance valuation ensures that you have a precise and reliable assessment of your valuable pieces, which is essential for securing appropriate insurance coverage and protecting your investment.


John Cole is our professional qualified valuer, he is a member of the Institute of Registered Valuers.